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Trustworthy Firm Handles Slip and Fall Cases

Trustworthy Firm Handles Slip and Fall Cases

We are premises liability attorneys who fight for your right to compensation. Premises liability holds property owners accountable for injuries that occur on their property. A landowner has a duty to keep their property reasonably safe for anyone who enters its premises. If a landowner neglects that duty and someone becomes injured, the landowner may have to compensate the injured party. For more than 25 years, our attorneys have represented clients in premises liability cases, helping them get back on their feet physically and financially. Premises liability injuries can have many causes, but some of the most common are:personal injury law - slip and fall accidents

Slippery floors
Broken chairs
Poor lighting
Defective handrails
Cracked steps
Uneven pavement

If you sustained an injury on another person’s property, call our law offices immediately to seek help with compensation.

Slip and fall facts:

The most common type of premises liability injury results from a slip and fall accident. The law protects victims of slip and fall accidents whether they are invitees or licensees. An invitee is someone who is invited onto land open to the general public, whether for business purposes, such as a shopper in a grocery store or in another public area like a park or community center. A licensee is someone allowed to visit property that is not open to the general public, such as a houseguest visiting a friend’s private home. The law is so serious about holding landowners accountable for injuries suffered on their premises that in certain cases it may even compensate trespassers or those who are considered partly at fault for their own injuries.

Do I deserve compensation?

Courts generally ask the following questions in determining whether a victim deserves compensation from a landowner for an injury sustained on the landowner’s property:

Was there an unreasonable risk of harm on the land?
Did the landowner know or should they reasonably have known about the harm?
Did the landowner know or should they reasonably have known that the visitor would not appreciate the danger?
Did the landowner fail to take ordinary measures of care to protect the visitor?
An injured party must file a claim within a certain time period following an accident or injury, so if you answered yes to any of the above questions, call our law office as soon as you can.

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For a free consultation, call us today. Our firm is committed to helping injured parties. We offer a contingency fee payment plan, which means you only pay legal fees if you win. Our attorneys offer home and hospital visits as well as flexible office hours to meet everyone’s needs. Our office has plenty of parking and easy access to public transportation.

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Trucking Accident Lawyers | Personal Injury Attorneys

The type of trucking accident in which you were involved can affect the seriousness of your injuries as well as the scope of the entire case. Some types of trucking accidents have very far-reaching consequences and can harm people who were not even on the road. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a trucking accident, the trucking accident attorneys of our firm can help you get the compensation you need and deserve.personal injury law

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials accidents can have far reaching consequences:

Thousands of people can be hurt by toxic fumes
Property can be permanently destroyed by contamination
Explosions can injure or kill people in nearby buildings
Evacuations of large areas are sometimes necessary
Fires and explosions can cause overpasses and bridges to collapse
In order to haul hazardous materials, truck drivers must have extensive training and special licensing beyond the regular commercial driver’s license (CDL). There are very strict laws regarding where hazardous materials trucks may travel and even where they may park.

Tanker Truck Accidents

Tanker trucks sometimes carry hazardous materials, but many carry relatively harmless liquids such as milk or water. Even those carrying safe cargo can cause serious accidents. Tanker trucks have unique risks:

If the tank is not full, the liquid inside can start to slosh back and forth, gaining momentum until it causes the truck to rollover or swing out of control.
Different types of liquids have different densities and therefore, different weights at the same volume. That makes it easy to misjudge the weight of the load.
Wet lines designed to break away in case of an accident can cause fires and severe burn injuries when the truck is carrying a flammable liquid.

Underpass Accidents

Underpass accidents can affect vehicles under or on top of the underpass depending on the nature of the accident and whether it damages the structure itself. Some examples of underpass accidents include:

Improperly secured load falls off a truck on the overpass and lands on vehicles passing under the underpass
Top of truck or load strikes the structure damaging the road and causing vehicle on top to crash
Truck is too tall and gets stuck in the underpass causing other vehicles to rear end the truck
Truck explodes or catches fire, causing the structure to collapse and resulting in accidents on top of and underneath the underpass
Top of the truck or load is sheared off onto other cars or the road
Underpass accidents can occur when the truck driver fails to observe a low-clearance sign or if the sign is missing, obscured, or inaccurate. When the problem is with the sign itself, the entity responsible for the road may possibly be held responsible for the accident.Truck Accident Attorneys

If you have been injured or a loved one has been injured or killed in a trucking accident, please contact our trucking accident lawyers today. We handle trucking accident cases on a contingency fee basis. Our firm charges a reasonable percentage of the recovery if we win the case or obtain a settlement. If there is no recovery, you will not owe us an attorney’s fee. If we represent you in a trucking accident case, we will also advance all court costs and other expenses necessary to pursue the case. If we obtain a recovery, we will be reimbursed for the advanced expenses from the recovery, but if there is no recovery, you will not owe us anything for the expenses or for attorney’s fees.

Let us review your case confidentially without charge or obligation.

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