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Insurance Companies Oppose You and Your Premises Liability Civil Actions

Insurance Companies Oppose You and Your Premises Liability Civil Actions

Premises liability lawsuits usually involve the defendant’s insurance company simply because virtually any business owner knows the first check each month goes for the rent, and the second one pays the insurance. The same can be said for the majority of homeowners: at least those who are still paying a monthly note. And though this business owner or homeowner gets liability protection for his monthly premium, the owner (and his insurance company) and any injured party view this insurance coverage differently. You might see it as a means of financial compensation. But often, the insurance company is really providing “plausible deniability” for the owner being responsible for paying damages. Does this sound a bit contradictory? Well yes, in many cases.Legal help for accident victims

The insurance company is the one who writes the check to you if your case is successful. And it’s their job to fight you tooth-and-nail to deny your civil claim or case. Why? Because in order to protect their profits that come from all those premiums they take-in every month, insurance companies are in the business of not paying out claims whenever possible. They do it with insurance adjusters whose duty is to the insurance company, not to you: in spite of what the “friendly adjuster” might tell you. There’s always some reason why they’re dragging their feet in paying your claim. Sometimes they try to talk to you on the phone, and then record the conversation in hopes of tripping you up and getting you to say something they can use against you. The best way to avoid this hazard is to have an experienced Texas personal injury lawyer right here in Texas, a accident lawyer to take those calls and keep you out of the loop.

Another position insurance companies take is to suspect (whether it’s true or not) that you’re just looking for some sucker to fleece and are using the premises liability laws to do just that. This is one reason why insurers have great lawyers, either on-staff or permanent retainer, to foil you at every turn. They file motions, argue technicalities and generally try to put every legal roadblock they can think of to keep your case out of court. And they have lots of experience dealing with premises liability claimants: both those who are justified as well as those they claim are not.

And finally, if the insurance companies know you have a good case but are not represented by a liability attorney, they’ll offer you a “low-ball” settlement that can’t come close to paying all of your damages arising from the property owner’s negligence. Or they think their case defense might be weak, even if they also suspect the veracity of the plaintiff’s charges. In short, your opposition knows the ins and outs of premises liability law and the best ways to avoid paying your legitimate injury claim against a property owner whose negligence caused your injury.

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