The Process of Litigating 18-Wheeler Accident Cases

The Process of Litigating 18-Wheeler Accident Cases

There are few motor vehicle accidents that can cause the devastating kind of damage an 18-wheeler accident can inflict. These behemoths can weigh up to 40 tons (80,000 pounds), so when they are involved in a collision with almost any other kind of vehicle you can find on the road, they’ll usually win. And truck drivers are usually paid by the hour, so in order to make as much money as they can, they will often drive for an extensive period of time without taking a break. This often leads to drivers experiencing concentration lapses, and even a momentary loss of consciousness. It’s only natural, then, that accidents, property damage, injuries, and deaths will often be the result of these drivers pushing the limits – and often exceeding the boundaries – of their endurance.Truck accident attorneys

The truck accident lawyers at our Law Offices have handled personal injury cases resulting from 18-wheeler accidents for two decades, so we are well aware of the many legal and medical questions people will have after they’ve suffered an injury – or a loved one has died. The most important thing you need to realize, obviously, is that you must be evaluated by a medical practitioner after the wreck. You need to do so not only for your health, but to also get any injuries you may have suffered documented. Don’t hesitate to get medical attention because you don’t have insurance or are underinsured; we can help you find a doctor who will take your financial means into consideration and come up with a payment plan that fits into your budget. Don’t let a lack of money keep you from getting the medical help you need.

After you handle Priority One, which is getting medical attention, then you can start to focus on getting fair restitution for the harm that has befallen you. In the state of Texas, those whose negligence resulted in the accident that caused your injury are not required to pay for your injuries and accompanying financial losses. Rather, the victim, known as the plaintiff in legal terms, bears the burden of proving he or she should be compensated for losses resulting from the accident. The only chance you have of getting the compensation you deserve is through the help of an experienced truck accident lawyer. We would like to tell you what legal avenues you may be able to pursue so that you can get the compensation you deserve. 

Following are some of the elements of a case involving an 18-wheeler accident. All of these will be explained in detail below.

Reasons to file a lawsuit: 
Some of the potential negligent parties responsible for the accident. 
The vital need for a thorough and quickly-launched investigation. 
The hurdles people faced by those who choose to represent themselves. 
How an experienced truck accident lawyer can help. 
Again, we must stress before going any further that the information in this article is in no way intended to take the place of a skilled lawyer who can analyze the details that are specific to your case. Call the attorneys at our Law Offices for a confidential and free consultation. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have concerning the specifics of your litigation.

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