Dealing with the Insurance Company – After An Accident

Dealing with the Insurance Company

When you are injured in an automobile accident it is not any fun dealing with the insurance companies. However, how you communicate with them can greatly affect how you are compensated for your injuries. Some things to remember when dealing with your insurance company are not to inflate the seriousness of your injuries, not to post inappropriate materials on your social media sites for them to find, and not to attempt to include past injuries as related to your accident. personal injury lawyers
Whenever you are filing your claim with your insurance company, it is very important that you are always honest with them.

It is important that you call your insurance agent to file a claim after an accident or injury occurs. You should not expect them to have your best interests in mind and do not take their advice. They can attempt to manipulate and take advantage of you by offering you a very low offer on your claim or telling you that you do not need an attorney. DO NOT SIGN ANY RELEASES OR WAIVERS OF ANY KIND UNTIL YOU OBTAIN LEGAL COUNSEL FROM AN ATTORNEY. Insurance companies will try to get you to sign away your rights by paying you a small settlement (that is far less than what your injury claim is actually worth) that has fine print saying that it is the final payment, and then say that you accepted it as a settlement for your injuries. That is why you need an attorney to represent you against these large corporations, to ensure that you receive the actual fair value of your claim.

These corporations tell you that you do not need an attorney because they know that an attorney would know such things as the actual fair value of your injury claim, jury trends, and accident law. For example, if you are in an accident and seriously injured, the insurance corporation might immediately offer to pay you $5,000 and tell you that they will pay your medical bills. You think it is fair and accept. However, your case might have had an actual fair value of 10 or 20 times that amount and when you send the medical bills for the insurance company to pay they might tell you that the treatment was “unnecessary” and not pay it or give some other excuse for not wanting to pay your bills. These corporations are only interested in making money, not fairly compensating you for your injury. You need an experienced accident attorney to represent you against these large companies to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

Insurance companies employ different tactics when trying to save their corporation money at your expense. For example, they are very good at delaying a claim and using delay tactics. They know that the longer they delay the more likely you are to get tired of waiting and take a settlement for less than fair value. Also, you only have a certain amount of time from the date of an accident to bring a lawsuit (known as a statute of limitations) and if they can delay past this date then you might be forever barred from bringing a lawsuit for your injuries, and then they have no incentive to pay your claim at accident attonreys

They can also “discount” your medical bills, by not counting certain medical bills as part of your claim by saying that the treatment was “unnecessary”. Even though you and your physician thought that the treatment was necessary, these insurance adjusters might disagree. They are only doing this, and other tactics, in order to make their company profits and save them money. You need an accident attorney to deal with these large multinational corporations so that you don’t have to. Call us today for a free consultation with one of our accident attorneys. Please visit this website

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