When To Hire A Workmans Comp Lawyer

While employees are legally entitled to collect money if they are injured on the job through no fault of their own, there are times when a proper lawyer may be needed. Here are some times when workmans comp attorneys may be needed.

1. If the insurance company or the employer rejects the claim of the employee, the worker will need to contact an attorney. Insurance companies routinely deny initial claims. Essentially, they are betting that the employee does not file an appeal. Don’t let this happen. An experienced attorney will generally take a workmans comp case on a contingency basis. This means it costs you nothing upfront, and they do not get paid unless you get paid. The attorney will make sure you get every penny that is coming to you.

2. If the employer makes an offer that does not cover all of your medical bills and lost wages, it is time contact a lawyer. If you have been permanently disabled, you may be eligible to receive lifetime payments. Insurance companies hate these types of cases and are ruthless in their quest to not pay on these. In these instances, it is certainly best to have a lawyer in your corner.

3. If there is a third-party involved in the accident, you will need an attorney to file a lawsuit against that party. Since civil cases very often pay more than workmans comp claims, you will want an attorney working with you so that you are able to collect the extra money to which you are entitled.

4. Occasionally, the payment agreement may not be structured in your benefit. This can result in Social Security eating into more of your claim benefits than is necessary. An attorney can make sure that any agreements between you, the insurance company and the employer are structured in such a way as to allow you to pocket the most money legally coming to you.

An experienced attorney such as James P. Hoffman can look at your case and help guide you to a settlement that is in your best interest. They will always work to get you the money that you deserve.

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